Indie Box

Indie Box is an independent initiative coordinated by performers Alexandra Bălăşoiu and Denis Bolborea, which creates projects meant to increase the awareness and independence of the general audience in relation to the patterns of contemporary society. A “box” with independent projects, Indie Box is active in the fields of music and contemporary dance, being in dialogue with a various body of knowledge.

Their activity evolved organically in the last 4 years, starting from a project of sound mapping Bucharest towards experiments of research and cultural interventions in public space and a continuous development of educational proposals. They have built a portfolio of  innovative productions that includes three works of contemporary dance reunited as a trilogy, an a cappella album and an immersive concert which includes beatbox, live-looping and contemporary dance and can be experienced in three alternative formats.

In 2020 they are preparing the launch of BLIP – Beatbox and Looping International Platform and the release of a second musical album created 100% from human voice.

Photo: Andrei Gîndac