Valentina De Piante

Valentina De Piante’s latest research dimensions are the link between neuroscience and corporality and the connection between imaginative methods and performance. Through shows, workshops, interdisciplinary projects in schools and embodied lectures, she explores the field. All her projects are part of an ample discourse about consciousness, seen through manifold fields.

Her Ph.D. thesis, S.O.M.A and artistic creations, aims to achieve the redefinition of cognition, creativity and human potential, especially by drawing attention towards the moving body and its connection to the corporal, familial and public space. To further amplify her research activity, she also hosts conferences that bring guests from all types of backgrounds, calling into question the body-education and the art-science-performative language connection.

Valentina is one of the founding members of the Areal dance group and of the Viu Grai association. Her works got presented on a multitude of occasions. For example: at the Explore Dance Festival, at the National Center of Dance of Bucharest, at Trois C-L Luxemburg, at the ImPulsTanz Festival and in different other National Museums.

Valentina also held theoretical classes enriched by an intense corporal practice at Wasp Studios, at Teaching The Teachers and at the Cinetic Center.

In 2016 she was selected to be one of the [8:tension] choreographers.

In 2020 she has received the CNDB prize as an independent artist. In  2021 she publishes her first book: Body of Knowledge.

As a choreographer, she studies the circumferential perspective upon consciousness in several formats, sharing her discoveries with artists or scientists.

She is collaborating with Indie Box, with The National Center of Dance of Bucharest, with Arhipera and with Graphis 122.