Cristina Lilienfeld

Cristina Lilienfeld studied choreography and psychology and constantly searched for the space where these two disciplines meet. She recently worked with various choreographers and performers, as well as with visual artists and musicians, as she is part of different interdisciplinary art groups.

Her performances, Lay(ers), They’re not All Heroes, Valiant Deeds (performance for children), Moving Fields as well as many performances in which she dances are still present on the stages of Bucharest and elsewhere locally and internationally.

In 2016 she traveled with the Dance Roads programme, touring five European countries with her performance, Lay(ers). In both her art and the workshops she coordinates, Cristina looks to bring out authenticity in every situation. She became a member of PETEC Association in 2015, an association which produces various types of performances from contemporary dance, to theater and shadow theater, from video dance, to theater for children and improvisation shows. A main objective for PETEC is to support the dialogue between diverse artists and institutions, to create connections between different arts, to make space for communication and experiments. PETEC’s role in education is an important one and it’s visible both through the workshops that were organised by the association and through the performances proposed in the last couple of years.