Delazero Association is a group of young artists, activating in the field of performative arts, film and music, who contribute to the development of the Romanian cultural space through innovative projects, encouraging new forms of artistic expression and cultural access for different public categories. The mixt group creates varied cultural contexts, exchanging information permanently, resulting in interdisciplinary artistic products.

The artistic identity of the group incorporates the concept of “building from scratch”, designing projects with a living, unpredictable, adaptable and convertible layer. The themes of our work gravitate around the social present context and individual ways of relating to it, as well as the connection between the artist and the community.

Our most recent activity is focused on the following events: OborContemporan – public space cultural intervention, Opia – independent dance film, CORPZero  – recurrent improvisation sessions based on movement and music, Excuse me, bro ! – independent   experimental film.