Alexandra Bălășoiu

Alexandra Bălășoiu graduated from the National University of Theatre and Cinematography Bucharest, with a B.A in Choreography. She coordinates the activity of Indie Box, developing together with Denis Bolborea Flowprints dance classes, projects that activate and explore public space such as Earsight or Singing Bodies, research and production of musical projects such as I am You, Voice Lab, 100% human voice.

As a performer she worked with Simona Deaconescu (Tangaj Dance), Andreea Belu, Alexandra Gîrbea, Cristina Lilienfeld, Valentina De Piante, Anne Dubois and Mădălina Dan. In the frame of the Singing Bodies project she proposed a creative process developed in public spaces, throughout which she created the performative solo Spooky actions of a spoiled girl. In Voice Lab, she supported the production of the first acappella album in Romania, with original content developed through a diverse process of research on the relationship between body and voice. She collaborates as a choreographer with the Metropolitan Circus of Bucharest for the contemporary circus piece Reveria and the musical Bucharest, Je t’aime. She teaches regularly contemporary dance classes for beginner and advanced levels, adults, children and mixed groups of parents and kids.

Photo: Victor Vido (up left), Lavinia Pollak (below)