Simona Dabija

Simona Dabija is a choreographer and performer. She obtained both bachelor and master degrees in choreography at the National University of Cinematography and Theatre “I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest.

She performs in Tangaj Dance Collective in four dance performances: Daughters, Birdville, 0003_Aftertaste and Counterbody, a performative durational installation Retro Walk Decades to the Sun and a short dance film Sonder.

She collaborates as a dancer with Linotip – Independent Choreographic Centre in Basma curata, 2 women and Stabat Mater and with the Odeon Theatre in the theatre play Kafka.

She works on improvisation basis, using various principles that generate a movement quality. She’s interested  in the deconstruction and dissociation of movement, in body dynamics variations and in the use of cinematic editing techniques (slow-motion, reverse motion, repetition, rewind, zoom, cut, pause). Equally, humor, irony and self-irony are aspects she wants to achieve in the choreographic material.

Photo: Alina Ușurelu (up left), Mădălina Păun (below)