Platform 13

AREAL associated artistic collective

Platform 13 is an artistic collective initiated by choreographers Anca Stoica and Sergiu Diță, focused on challenging the norms and conventions of performing arts. Their research starts from collaborative and transdisciplinary practices that involve technology, visual art and the body.

Platform 13 is an independent initiative committed to experimentation and searching for the current needs of artistic expression. The idea of platform advocates openness and dialogue with the public in search of diversity. Their collaborations, partnerships and projects aim to increase the visibility of contemporary dance and infiltrate in spaces where access to culture is limited.

Last works created include Balkan Ballerinas (developped during an AREAL residency in 2023), Play Replay Remix (2023) and Pop Recycling Body Work (2022). Platform 13 has participated in Bucharest Biennale 10, Talpa Iadului Festival & Artown Festival.



Instagram: @platforma13_

Facebook: @platformatreisprezece

Photo: Vlad Zugrăvel