Denis Bolborea

AREAL Associated Artist

Denis Bolborea is a dancer, choreographer and sound designer, based in Bucharest, with work experience in the fields of performance, creation and teaching. He graduated from the National University of Theatre and Film with a B.A. in Choreography.

As a performer, he blends contemporary dance techniques with his urban background. He is interested in the relationship between voice and body and he performs in certain projects as a singer and a beatboxer. He is part of Tangaj Dance Collective, coordinated by Simona Deaconescu, where he collaborates as performer and sound designer in various productions. He is a co-founder of Indie Box, where he participates as an artist in various projects: Ear to Bucharest, Earsight, Flowprints, Singing Bodies, Voice Lab, I am You, 100% human voice. Denis takes the role of vocal percussion in the vocal group Blue Noise, which released an a cappella album. He created with A-C Leonte an immersive concert, part of I am You project where he also released his first musical solo production – Running and a collaboration with A-C Leonte – Pray.

At present, Denis works at the development of BLIP – Beatbox and Looping International Platform, followed by the release of his first EP, produced entirely from his voice, through digital manipulation.

Photo: Gicu Boboc (stânga sus), Lavina Pollak (jos)