Andreea Belu

Andreea Belu is a contemporary dance choreographer and performer, co-founder of AREAL | space for choreographic development. She has a Bachelor and Master degree in Choreography (Theatre Faculty of U.N.A.T.C. Bucharest) and a Bachelor degree in Journalism, PR and Communication Sciences (FJSC Bucharest). She collaborated as a performer, and teacher with a different dance structures and theatres in Romania, Hungary and Germany. She was also was co-coordinator of +2017 [about body, love and contemporary dance] and of DanceCloud platform, project led by the National Dance Center Bucharest. She creates scenic movement for theatre plays, collaborating with institutions such as Szigligeti Theatre Oradea, National Theatre of Bucharest, Metropolis Theatre, Matei Vișniec Theatre. 

Presently, she develops her conclusions and practices of movement inside performing art groups and general public ones within the frame of What the body am i thinking?, a series of workshops created to question and analyze the connection between somatics, proprioception and communication inside a group of people. Currently, she is teaching live online movement classes that focus on practicing and raising the awareness regarding physical posture, muscle rebalancing, muscle flexibility and joint mobility, static and dynamic balance, the ability to relax, the complexity of somatic responses and the connection between information and result while moving. Movement, dance and theatre represent for her a direct and honest way of reaching out to people.

Photo: Orsolya Balint