AREAL associated artist

Alexandra Gîrbea explores the world of dance, movement and performance art from multiple perspectives, permanently nourished by existential questions and by a constant scan of the state of being. Dance has gradually become a lifestyle, a means of observing where desire leads to, of letting intuition’s voice be spoken, letting the moments express themselves through their impermanence. Her path is strongly influenced by the study of martial arts and eastern philosophies.

Alexandra studied Communication and Public Relations, Performing Arts at Université Libre de Bruxelles and dance technique at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. She started her artistic life in 2013 creating the performative exhibition Skinned. During 2014-2015 she created with Timea Kovacs the Height Sense project – 3 performances presented in Cluj-Napoca, Luxembourg and Bacau. In 2020 she initiated the Love for Forest project, taking the choreographic research out of the studio deep into the wild forests of Romania. She worked with Georgeta Corca, Valentina de Piante and Sergiu Matis. In 2021 she initiated RITM project in Timisoara. Since she moved to Timisoara, she has been collaborating with the Psihodrom collective (Krumau live) and is closely working with Noi Re-Cream Association in developing the project La Feminin for which she recently created the short dance film, Eu sunt Ea.

Alexandra is constantly sharing her knowledge and research with a very diverse public within dance classes, workshops and movement labs.